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Myth: Marmorarius' Creation
  Marmorarius was not always our home and ‘Ambrosius Creta’ was not always our name. In fact, there is a wide gap in Marmorian history. We still do not know what happened during our planet’s ‘first life’ because we were not here for it. In the beginning, we came from the Evigheden. In the beginning, we were wanderers.
  We don’t know where we were born, but we were born without form. We were souls floating among the stars as we travelled from one place to the next. A mass of lights, mistaken for stars, constellating in the sky. We were content to live without words, without a home, as long as we had each other. We spent countless eons speaking to each other through light like fireflies. We watched the universe unfold.
  But nothing could last forever. We were dying even without flesh. Our lack of physical forms was the problem; there was nothing protecting us from endless entropy. We travelled at superluminal speed and it
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myrefall drabble: freedom
  “Come on,” Juliet urged, waving Veronica over to the gate, “before someone sees you!”
  “Are you sure about this?” Veronica asked, shuffling towards Juliet. She pushed a long strand of hair out of her face, eyeing the gate like it would bite her.
  Juliet pushed the creaky gate further open, huffing in impatience. Now was the perfect time! The other children were playing in the field and the teacher had turned their back! They never got to explore the small forest beyond the locked gate. They couldn't just sneak in either, it was ‘unladylike’ to climb the fence. Not that they could, mind you, their skirts got in the way.
  Today someone had left it unlocked. It had to be a sign. This might be their only chance until they were ‘big kids’, and who knows when that would be!
  “I’m sure, come on!” Juliet begged, “They won’t catch us if we’re quick enough. I want
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Mourner's Glass: Object Profile
  Classification: object, rare, Chaotic Evil
  Mourner’s glass is a powerful but dark object. Its magical properties are great, its cost even greater, and many say that the creation of such an object is damnable. This makes the object both rare and valuable. It is sought after by good and evil alike for various reasons.
  The use of Mourner’s Glass can reveal the unseen. This includes spirits, demons, paths to other magical objects, and even other Mourner’s Glass. Skilled witches can seal objects within, especially those belonging to dark entities, and force the owners into unwilling servitude. Entities within view of the Glass cannot attack while observed. This can give users time to flee or trap them with riddles, deals, or magic.
  The ingredients to Mourner's Glass is the salt from mourner’s tears, dirt from hallowed ground, grief, and grave-robbed silver.  Only silver one half of the glass so that the opposite side can b
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Star Emote by Gasara Hello and Welcome, Friends, to My Humble Page Star Emote by Gasara

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Hiya! I go by Eclipse (EC) and I am very pleased to meet you all. If you want to talk, drop me a note or comment!
I'm a beginner/hobbyist with a variety of interests, but I'm also a major procrastinator. I don't submit as much content as I'd like to. I hope you enjoy what I do put up though! Darn persnickety nature, most of my work never sees the light of the internet.

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Marmorarius - Dollite Home Planet
                   - Name of Jesimae’s Country in Kingdom AU

Name meaning - Marble (due to its appearance)

Inhabitant name - Marmorian

Known Species  - ambrosius creta (immortal clay/earth)/Dollites
                          - bombyx occaeco (blink silkmoth)/Monochrome Death Moths
                         - ??? (TBA)

Planet appearance: Marmorarius is a planet characterised by it’s swirled teal and violet coloring, giving it the appearance of a marble. The thick white smoke off the chemical sea, sometimes mistaken for clouds, adds to this effect. The atmosphere is unbreathable to most except the insectoid and artificial fauna of the planet. The flora is typically small, hardy, and bitter.

Oceans/Seas: There is hardly any water on Marmorarius, most of which is in the underground caverns, which leaves the question to what the sea is composed of. The teal coloring is actually a thick layer of foam, hundreds of meters deep, under which there is a crystal clear ocean of chemicals. Further study is required to confirm what the sea actually contains, but it is definitely not fit for human consumption. Contact with the fumes can burn the eyes and throat of most organic life, but the fauna seems to have evolved to tolerate it. The ocean is the center of the dollite religion.

Coastline/Cliffs: The crust of Marmorarius has a high clay content, but is extremely dense and tightly packed. Only at the edges of the sea is the clay is damp and loose enough to be collected from being submerged and beaten by the waves. The mixture of chemical and clay is what the Dollites use to create, repair, and alter their bodies. The cliffs that form along the coastline are tall and steep; many have special wells placed on top to gather the clear ‘water’ from under the foam.

Forests/Valleys: The trees on Marmorarius are twisted and gnarled, typically with blackish bark and occasional thorns. Deciduous trees can grow to be quite tall and create intertwined, matted canopies. They lose their leaves during the windy season when the chemical fumes are blown in from the sea. Coniferous trees as short, resembling shrubs more often than not, and sometimes bare fruit in the form of berries. The grass on Marmorarius is violet in color. It is unusually stiff and sharp.

Deserts: There are several small deserts located within the center of the main landmass, furthest away from the sea. The sand is white to pale blonde and sharp like broken glass. Some of it is composed of eroded gemstones, like can be found in Marmorian caverns ,and glows in the dark. This causes colorful swirls to appear in the dunes at night. No flora grows in the White Death and fauna is afraid to tread there. There are ruins of metal, alien structures throughout the desert. This could be remains of who lived on Marmorarius during its First Life.

Caverns: Marmorarius has a vast underground network of caverns that are home to bioluminescent moss, fungus, and giant, domesticated moths. The planet’s only supply of water is found in underground pools within the caverns. The planet has rich veins of metal ore and gemstone which dollites use to make beautiful jewelry and architecture.


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