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Jessie M
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

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I'm Jessie, but you can call me Jess or my username; Eclipse! I'm a beginner/hobbyist with a variety of interests, and I'm also a major procrastinator. I don't update or submit as much as I'd like to, but I hope you enjoy whatever you stumble upon in my gallery! Sadly, even if I do end up getting something done, I never think it's good enough due to my persnickety nature. I mostly do digital art, but the more I experiment, you should see more mediums from me.

I do accept critic, but I also expect any critical advice to be given in a respectful manner. I don't mean to be babied, but I'd prefer if we can keep things on my page clean and civil, other than that... Please be brutal! I need all the help I can get, so don't be afraid to point out errors! As long as the piece you're commenting on is recent, and you provide me with the means to get better, we might even become friends!

Some information on me; I'm a cisgender female. I'm panromantic+demisexual but! I tend to just say 'lesbian' because I'm pretty much exclusively attracted to females to the point where anyone else is more of an exception than a rule.

I'm also in a relationship with this fucker; TechnicolorYawns <3 I love you, turtledove.

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  IT'S ME!!!

  Anyway, my fan character is a Chinchilla named Christa. I wanted to keep with the alliteration and two syllable thing the other characters had going on, and the only canonically female animatronic also had a name ending in 'a'. 

  You know that FNAF is having a sequel that's an apparent 'Grand Reopening'? I was thinking; 'What if they're actually like Chuck-E Cheese now and have an arcade'? So, that's where my OC is. Or would be, if she was canon. They added her to test better with female audiences and get them into the arcade portion of the establishment, which mostly attracted boys, in hope of gaining more money from the arcade machines/people buying tokens. 

  Christa is stationed on a slightly raised platform next to the skeeball machine, roped off to keep the kids from getting too close lest there be another 'Bite Incident', and she moves to throw skeeball with them if they put tokens in her console. She's programmed to let the younger children win, but will give you more of a challenge the older you are. Her gimmick is a violet, 1950's style poodle skirt and old slang from that period spoken in a cute, girly voice in an effort to appeal to her target audience. 

  While the new building was being built, the child (a nameless, as of yet, teenaged female) that was stuffed into her suit was trying to sneak in and play on the arcade machines for free. The original animatronics from the first game found her and carted her off backstage to obey the rules. 

  During the day, Christa is somewhat lazy, mostly chill, and sweet for the children. At night, she gets more active and enjoys exploring different areas of the restaurant once the other animatronics leave those areas. She seems to be avoiding them. If you look at her for too long on any day, she'll start 'popcorning' (depicted as glitching out like the animatronics did on day 4/5, but this is an actual thing that chinchillas do when they're super happy and it's also called 'frisky hops'). She doesn't seem to have much interest in the security guard for the first half of the week, too busy messing with things in the establishment, but she'll get curious about you later on. Her technobabble she makes while outside your door/during a hallucination is just backwards/edited/glitchy bits of her programmed day dialogue. Just flick your light on when she gets to your doorway and the next time you turn on the light she'll be gone half of the time. 

  However! If you put up your camera while she's at your door, she'll immediately sneak in. Her breathing sounds are more wet/gasping than Chica's and Bonnie's because she got a metal rod through the neck while she was being stuffed in the suit. She's also not fond of the other animatronics, for obvious reasons, so if you only flick on the light (and don't lock her out immediately) while there's another mascot at your other door, either hanging out there unnoticed or being locked out, she'll 'bark' and attack you. This is apparently only an effort to go over you to get to the other side, but it kills you anyway so whatever. 'Barking' is also an actual thing that chinchillas do when they're upset, [link], but imagine that lower pitched and tinny/glitchy. 

  So, what do you guys think? 


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"Make more fantrolls," Cole quietly whispers into your nose. "You must."
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"I have two in the works but they aren't done yet," I whisper in response, "also, I'm really into FNAF right now because of your prompting to make an OC."
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Cole inhales slowly, the oxygen audibly filling his lungs, making his chest rise.

"Sketch her, I must press my eyes against her body." 
His nearly silent tone wafted forth into her ears like a gentle summer fart.
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